The Gospel

Welcome to Scileppi’s, a modern Italian restaurant with a focus on family recipes and premium ingredients.

Built in 1888, the St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church was the first one built in Castle Rock. In 1966, the parish built a larger church east of town and abandoned the building. It sat dormant until 1975 when it was converted into a restaurant, eventually, the one so many of you have known and loved. And now, in 2018 the torch has been passed to the Scileppis. We can’t even begin to guess how many graduations,

weddings, confirmations, Father’s Days, Mother’s Days, birthdays, retirements and championships have been celebrated here. We’ll bet a fair share of young gentlemen have gotten down on a knee and nervously popped the question too. We feel privileged to now have the opportunity to help your family and friends continue to celebrate life in this special place.

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